Facebook Clear Search History

Facebook Clear Search History, Whenever you browse anything on Facebook, it gets saved in your Activity Log. After which, you discover your browsed terms as ideas listed below the search panel. It might get frustrating sometimes as it shows you same good friend you s currently included or same pages you've currently liked.

Facebook Clear Search History

Unfortunately, there's no setting presented till now that can turn-off the search terms to store in your logs. However, we can help you clear search history in Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, it's going to be a piece of cake for you. You just have to follow these simple steps to clear search history in Facebook:

1. Click Settings dropdown in the top right corner and choose Activity Log.

2. Under Activity Log, click More to view all the alternatives.

3. Click Search from the list.

4. Click on Clear Searches alternative versus Browse.

5. Verify your action by clicking Clear Searches button and all the search terms will be erased.

As soon as your search history is deleted, you will not find the irritating recommendations appearing on your screen. You can clean search history in Facebook via your Android and iPhone too.

Thanks for reading Facebook Clear Search History!

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