How Do I Edit A Facebook Post

Among the missing out on features on Facebook was the capability to How Do I Edit A Facebook Post.

While sites like Google Plus have had the ability to edit posts when they first introduced, Facebook is lastly presenting the ability to edit posts to pages and profiles.

The BBC reported issues over the abuse of Facebook modified posts. While some people might see modifying posts as an issue, I consider this excellent news.

This is since you can now go and repair any spelling or grammar errors in your posts!

To modify Facebook posts on your Facebook Page or Profile, follow these guidelines.

How Do I Edit A Facebook Post

1. Go to a post on your Facebook Page or Facebook Profile

2. Click the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner

3. Select Edit ...

4. Select Done editing

Typical concerns on modifying Facebook posts

What types of posts can I edit on Facebook?
Yes. You can modify posts on a Facebook Page, Facebook Profile as well as in a Facebook Group.

Can I modify Facebook posts in the news feed?
No. You can not modify Facebook posts in the news feed. You have to go directly to the post on a Facebook Page, Facebook Profile or in a Facebook Group.

Can I modify Facebook posts on a mobile gadget?

Yes. You can edit Facebook posts from a mobile phone.

Does Facebook keep a history of my post modifies?
Yes. When you modify Facebook posts, Facebook keeps a record. Your fans, buddies, and group members can go back and see your edit history on your post.

Does this mean I can now modify Facebook posts in the activity log?
No. Sadly, the only way to modify posts in the activity log is to erase and schedule them once again.

Wrap-up on editing posts

While you can go back and modify Facebook posts, be sure you are editing them for the right reasons and not to deceive fans.

Remember, any edits you make are stored in the edit history and can be seen.

Do you have other questions about modifying posts on Facebook? Let me in the comments listed below.

Facebook Brings New Filter To Public Posts; Now You Have More Control On Things You Post Publicly

Now you can manage who can comment on your public posts in Facebook. The social network just included a new facility that lets you filter who can discuss your post. Formerly, you have to enable 'Fans' in order to get the option, now you can handle this on your all public posts no matter whether you have switched on or off followers include. It appears the brand-new tweak is available only to choose users.

Today, when I visited to Facebook, a new pop-up appeared close to status author which reads, "Did you know that public posts can be seen and liked by anyone, not simply individuals you understand? Now there's a filter that restricts who can talk about your public posts". The 'Learn More' button navigated me to the Facebook assistance page which offers the response to "Who can like or talk about things I publish?". Inning accordance with the assistance page, some users can now adjust who can comment on their post, brand-new choice will be offered in "Account Settings", users can turn on or off the filter under "Public Posts" menu.

In the "Account Settings", there is likewise some modifications, the "Followers" option in the left menu has actually turned into "Public Posts". This is where users can manage public post comment filter. Users can turn on or off the filter from "Public Post Comments" sub-menu.

If you choose Filter Off, then anyone can talk about your public posts and if you select Filter On, it will limit the audience.

When you post something while keeping the Filter On, then the 'Comment' button will not be active to your fans or individuals other than your friends. It also notifies, the author of the status limiting who can talk about the post.
Previously the 'Follower Comments' alternative only offered to users who have switched on the fans. Way, if you deactivated followers, 'Who can discuss your public posts?' choice will become invisible. But, now things changed, through this new settings you can manage your public posts even if you have shut off fans.

The brand-new feature no yet rolled-out to all users.
Nevertheless, it will be an useful tool for personal privacy concerned individuals, where they can post things publicly with restricting remarks from unknowns.

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