How Do You Remove A Group From Facebook

How Do You Remove A Group From Facebook  Individuals on Facebook develop groups to share content with friends, but exactly what if someone start sharing random posts which breach your group privacy and after that you wish to get rid of that person or you desire to get rid of that individual posts.

On Facebook group you have an option in group setting where you just set a choice where all post posted by friends should be approved by admin of the group, and after that admin can enable only appropriate post to the group.But what if you have more than 1 million member in your group. You cannot go one by one to every post and erase it which is not suitable for group. Then in pending tab of group their start increasing number of post for approval. No problem you wish to erase all group pending post its easy task.

How Do You Remove A Group From Facebook

Now here i am going to inform you the technique to delete all your group pending posts in one click.
This tricks works on script.

As you know that deleting or authorizing posts one by one is very difficult time. So deleting in one click assistance saving time.

Now Start Erase Group Pending Post

Step:1) Open Google Chrome Web Browser.
Step:2) Then Open Your Facebook Account.
Step:3) Now Open Your Facebook Group.
Step:5) Now Click on" Pending Post ".

Step:6) Then Press" F12 ″ or Open" Inspect Aspect Or Click on Console ".

Step:7) Then Copy" Script" From This Link.

Click on this link To Obtain Script.

Step:8) Then Paste In Console And Press Go Into.
Step:9) Click On Erase All.

Enjoy deleting.

Hope you like it  How Do You Remove A Group From Facebook !

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