How Do You See Friendship On Facebook

If you have actually ever yearned to see a history of your friendship with somebody on Facebook, I have fantastic news for you! The other day, Facebook updated its Friendship pages so now you can see your connections with a Facebook pal on a Timeline page, How Do You See Friendship On Facebook.

Let's state that you want to check your connections with a Facebook good friend. Perhaps you desire to see all the images you and your finest buddy have actually been tagged in together. Or maybe you wish to see how frequently she bought your prize-winning petal sachets from your Farmville farm. Or possibly you desire to discover when your ex-fiance posted his marriage proposal on your wall, which is, after all, why he is your ex-fiance. Facebook now makes that easy to find.

To see your Facebook Friendship page with a pal, go to that pal's Timeline. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page and a drop-down menu will appear.

Click See Friendship and you will be taken to a Timeline page with your shared posts, Liked pages, Groups, Events and photos. You can see the most recent activity that you have in common in the Overview area.

If you desire to see each section individually, go to the left column of the Friendship page and pick from the menu. You can see the number of Groups, posts, Occasions, photos mutual friends and Likes you have in common.

You can likewise have a look at interactions in between two of your Facebook buddies. In the right column of the Friendship page, Facebook will recommend common good friends for you to inspect out their Relationship pages. You can also browse for any two Facebook good friends and Facebook will show you their Relationship page.

If you're cleaning out your Facebook pals and desire a quick method to see whether you are connecting with a person or have typical interests, this Relationship page feature can be extremely helpful. This Introduction gives you an instant view of whether you are really getting in touch with someone on Facebook. If you are, you can take a journey down Memory Lane and relive the history that you 2 have actually shared together on Facebook. If you aren't getting in touch with each other, maybe it's time to initiate the conversation with a post (no, a Poke does not count).

Have you discovered Facebook Relationship pages? Have you taken a look at any good friends on your Friendship pages? Have you connected to any Facebook buddies you had not gotten in touch with previously? Have you Poked anybody recently? (Please state No to the last question.) Let us know in the Comments section below!

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