How to Hide Your Photos On Facebook

How To Hide Your Photos On Facebook. Everyone likely has a few photos resting on their iPhone they 'd rather nobody else see, whether it's humiliating selfies, improperly filtered or edited photos, an image of an invoice or personal documents, or anything else in the world of private images.

Those photos can make revealing someone another image on your iPhone (or iPad) an awkward experience, as you're hoping they don't start skimming your Electronic camera Roll to discover that dreadful photo of you after winning the pie consuming contest. Luckily the latest versions of iOS consist of a new way to alleviate that prospective awkwardness by concealing choose images.

How To Hide Your Photos On Facebook

The image hiding function must be enabled separately for each photo, as it's set on a per-image basis. At the minute there is no bulk conceal function like there is with the capability to bulk remove a bunch of images at one time, so you may wish to get in the routine of frequently concealing the images you do not want to appear in your general images app views.

Note this feature is offered only to iOS 8 and newer, and though we're going to concentrate on the iPhone here, it works the exact same on the iPad and iPod touch too.

Hiding a Picture in iOS

  • Open Images and go to Electronic camera Roll or Albums as usual

  • Tap on the photo you wish to hide, this will open it as normal

  • Tap and hold on the image itself to bring up an action menu, select "Conceal".

  • Verify that you want to hide the image by tapping "Conceal Image".

Now that a picture or many are hidden, they'll become unnoticeable to the Collections, Years views, and instead are put in a separate "Surprise" album.

Accessing Your Hidden Photos in iOS.

  • Open the Photos app and tap on "Albums" view.

  • Locate in the list of Albums the folder called "Hidden" (note the thumbnail is not instantly created for that folder, using additional privacy).

  • Find your hidden images in the Hidden Album.

This is where all of your covert pictures will be kept.

Keep in mind that while a picture is concealed, it can still be shared or sent out through messages as typical, as long as you access it from this surprise album.

Unhiding a Picture in iOS.

  • From the Surprise image album, tap on the picture you want to unhide.

  • Tap and hang on the image and pick "Unhide" from the submenu that appears.

This sends out the photo back to the basic Electronic camera Roll and it ends up being available to all albums and collections views once again.

Is the Image Really Hidden on the iPhone? Kind Of.

It is very important to comprehend how the conceal picture function works: the picture( s) are concealed from the camera roll, Moments, Collections, and Year view, however are still noticeable in a photo album not-so-discretely called "Hidden". In other words, while this is really efficient at hiding images from casual iPhone use and from scanning your photos in iOS, anybody who knows to search for the 'Hidden' album can still view the surprise images.

This is a good method of handling your genuinely personal images, however if you're concerned about someone finding the Covert photos album, consider using the send-to-self technique to prevent offering photo album and video camera roll gain access to, or perhaps just message them the photos rather.

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