How to Log Off Facebook Messenger

How To Log Off Facebook Messenger - Facebooking is something we cannot even believe about not doing a day anymore. It has actually become a part of us.

The company has enabled its users to network even on the relocation, by offering 2 significant mobile applications: The Facebook for Mobile App & The Messenger App.

The FB Mobile app helps you to quickly go through your feeds, message other people and do nearly every function you can do by means of a computer. But, the Messenger is the application which is widely used than the FB Mobile app considering that it lets you to message people on the go, quickly and effectively (than the other application).

In times, you might wish to log out of your messenger account so that your friend or coworker can utilize the application OR for many other reasons. However the unfortunate news is that the messenger doesn't have a "Log Out" feature in mobiles. In fact, you can in fact log out of your account and log in with another Facebook account.

How? That's what you'll be learning through this post.

[Please note that: This trick only works on Android Devices or Mobile phones. It's not appropriate for iOS running system]

How To Log Off Facebook Messenger?

In this tutorial, I'll be providing action by action actions you must take with screenshots that'll help you to easily comprehend the job. So, I suggest you to secure of your Android device and try following the actions.
When done, you won't forget ways to log out once again.

If you go to your Messenger's settings tab, you'll find no "Log Out" feature in it.

1. Go to the Settings in your Android device.

2. Then, click the "App" area, which will reroute you to a different page.

3. After you reach the Apps page, you'll need to swipe to the "ALL" tab and click on the "Messenger" icon/label.

4. Now, you'll need to click on "Force Stop", followed by "Clear information".

5. A dialogue box which requests your verification will pop-up, from which you'll have to click "OKAY".

6. Which's it. Now you have actually effectively logged out of your Facebook Messenger on your Android Device.

If you would like, you can attempt going to the Messenger App again to discover that there's no account visited.

Congratulations. You've effectively modified your method to log out of your Facebook Messenger, which your Android gadget doesn't assist in.

How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger on your iPhone (iOS 8 Tip).

When Facebook Messenger was optimized to run efficiently on iOS 8, the alternative to log out was not easily available. This can be frustrating to those who either handle multiple Facebook accounts or to those who just don't wish to chat since the moment and shutting off the notices for the app is just inadequate. Fret no more due to the fact that it is still possible to log out from the application without needing to uninstall and re-download the application but the procedure bores.

UPDATE: Facebook upgraded its UI. Click here to go to the brand-new technique of logging out from this app.
Here's how:.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap Personal Privacy and Terms.

Packing might take a while depending on your internet speed. You will be directed to a page that displays the Facebook Terms & Policies.

3. Tap on the menu bar on the top left corner to show the fall menu.

4. Scroll down and search for "Log Out". Tap on it.

Congrats you have finally logged out from the Facebook Messenger app. In some cases you might have to refresh and close the app initially then re-open before you are completely logged off.

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