Cancel My Facebook

If you don't want to use Facebook again, then you can Cancel My Facebook. Once again you will not be able to re-activate your account or backup anything that you've added formerly, as soon as you have erased completely. Or else you can deactivate your Facebook represent some days, later on you can re-activate your Facebook account.

Cancel My Facebook

Step 1: Click the Lock icon which is present on the upper right-hand corner side and then click the search bar to look for "Erase".

Step 2: Scroll down the choices and in the bottom you will find "How Do I Completely Erase My Account?" Click on that and got to "Let us understand" link, type your password, get in captcha and click "Delete my Account". For Simple and easy removal of your Facebook account click here

How to Shut Off Facebook Account Momentarily?

Step 1: Firstly you require to "Back-up all of your information" so that you can recuperate your posts, shares, videos, photos and lots of more memories whenever you requires.

Step 2: Now click the down arrow of the upper right-hand corner side, and then go to "Settings". Click "General Settings" and in the bottom you will find "Download a copy of your Facebook data", then download it.

Step 3: After downloading, click on "Security", then in the bottom you will find "Deactivate you Account". Between the procedures of Facebook Deactivation you have to answer all the needed questions, so that you can recuperate all your information quickly.

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