Facebook Countdown App

Facebook Countdown App, Setting up apps, such as a countdown ticker, on your Facebook page can boost it for your customers. With a ticker, a clock display screens and counts down to a specific date and time you define. If your organisation is running a promotion or brand-new item launch, for instance, you can put this timer on your page so your consumers don't miss this unique date. Use Facebook's App Install function to include a third-party countdown ticker that matches your needs.

Facebook Countdown App

Action 1. Log in to your Facebook account and type "countdown" in the search field. Click the "See More Outcomes for Countdown" connect to raise the All Outcomes page, which has all the relevant applications that perform this job.

Action 2. Review the countdown ticker apps by clicking each app's connected title. You can likewise click the "See More Outcomes" link on the All Results page to discover more tickers.

Action 3. Click the "Go to App" button beside the countdown app you want, and then click the drop-down menu listed below "Who can see posts this app produces you on your Facebook timeline" to define who may see the ticker on your page. Click the "Install" button and follow the triggers to allow consents and add the app to your Facebook account.

Action 4. Utilize the menu that appears to configure your app by going into a countdown date and optional message. Click the "Save" button to publish the ticker to your Facebook page.

To uninstall your countdown ticker, click the down arrow beside "Home" to open a drop-down menu, then select "Account Settings." Click the "Apps" link, then click the "Remove" button next to the app you wish to delete.

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