Hide Birthday On Facebook

You can not sign up on Facebook till you offer a birthday and year on the sign up form. But you can easily conceal your birthday from the public or friends on Facebook and avoid notice your friends get about your birthday, Hide Birthday On Facebook.

Birthday is extremely needed everywhere on the web in order to compute your age. Never ever supply a phony birth date to Facebook since it ends up being tough to alter to the real one in the future. Facebook has an additional contact form for asking for a birthday modification in your profile

Hide Birthday On Facebook

1. Login into your Facebook account. Then click 'Edit My Profile' link under your Facebook avatar image at top right. Additionally, you can directly access Edit profile page on Facebook after login.

2. Then choose "Do not reveal my birthday in my profile" choice from fall box next birthday field under 'Standard Info'.

You can choose "Show only day and month in my profile", if you wish to conceal year of birth (actual age) and still enable you pal to see the day of birth.

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