How Can Create Page On Facebook

Facebook provides the capability to create a page about a company, brand, item, and so on, which is a prime chance for you to get your new article in front of individuals in Facebook How Can Create Page On Facebook.

Just go to the "Create a Page" area on Facebook-- it's a fast and easy process.

After you have actually sent the category for your page, you'll be given a page to get begun with it.

Submit your logo or some other associated image for the page. Other customizing can wait, because nobody is going to be clicking "like" on your page before it has some content anyhow.

Initially, you'll have an unpleasant, long URL for your Facebook page.

Mine for the Additional money Answer page was

You'll want a shorter URL where you can use your website name, which is hopefully the like your Twitter name.

But you can not tailor that URL on Facebook till 25 individuals "Like" the page. It's the old chicken and egg thing-- it's more difficult to promote till 25 individuals like it, and individuals will not like it until it deserves taste and you can get them there.

So go to, a neighborhood where you can get all sorts of things done for $5.

Look for Facebook likes on Fiverr. There are a lot of individuals who will assist you out and get the required likes in a short time, so you can then get a custom name for your page on Facebook at

After getting my 25 likes through somebody at Fiverr, I was able to alter my user name.

Also, there is a service called NetworkedBlogs, where you can link the RSS feed from your blog site to your Facebook page.

Create an account there and register your blog site.

Then follow the guidelines from NetworkedBlogs to connect your blog site to your Facebook page.

Pretty soon, you'll have your article to your Facebook page, then you can begin promoting the Facebook page from your blog, along with to your Facebook friends.

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