How to Delete Videos From Facebook

I wager you are wondering "How To Delete Videos From Facebook?" or even "how do you eliminate trending posts on Facebook?"

There is a way to Block or Get Rid Of Trending Videos or Block Trending Articles by handling the Applications that are triggering this absurd rubbish (and jeopardizing your privacy) basic "hack" and work around in 3 easy actions.

How To Delete Videos From Facebook

In this manner you'll be able to obstruct, hide or eliminate trending videos or trending posts on Facebook Feed for great. SocialCam, Viddy, and other services like this simply are attempting to expand your Privacy profile and expose more of your personal details in differing degrees or steps. Their objective is "Humanity's Loss of Personal privacy."

If you wish to keep these applications but just want the Trending Articles or Trending Videos to dissapear from your Facebook feed see my method to use software application on How to Remove Trending Articles from Facebook in 3 Easy Actions.

1. Click "Privacy Settings" in the upper right corner.

2. Click "Handle Stopping" (situated to the bottom on the right of "Blocked Individuals and Apps").

3. Type the name of the video app (Socialcam, Viddy, etc), and struck the Enter secret. Repeat this for all the video and article services Trending Videos and Trending Articles utilize, and they will have nothing to reveal.

Hint-- if you actually want that things you can still see it without installing the app ... just browse for the name of the product in your preferred online search engine. No have to expose your private info to an application that simply takes you to a video right?

Enjoy your Trending Videos and Trending Articles complimentary Facebook! Please share this and go viral against Facebook!

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