How to Download Photos From Facebook

Facebook is one of the hottest socials media today, it provides the capability to share photos and video. Nevertheless, the best ways to download all images and video from Facebook to your computer system? How To Download Photos From Facebook of you or your pals on Facebook to your computer by a complimentary program - fbDownloader.

 How To Download Photos From Facebook

Action 1: After you download and install fbDownloader on your computer system, launch the program. If you do not have software application, you can download the most recent version of fbDownloader here.

At the very first time visiting, you require to log into your Facebook account to sync fbDownloader to Facebook

Action 2: Click "Agree" to integrate

Action 3: After releasing fbDownloader, it will have the following interface:.

There are lots of choices for you to download images such as:.

  • Your tagged images: Dowload your pictures tagged by your friends.

  • All Your image albums: Download complete albums.

  • Your pals' images: Download images of friends.

You can likewise select the kind of image in color or black and white by choose "Colored" and "Black and White".

Action 4: Select "All Your picture album" to download the whole image album to your computer system. Then "Click to see your albums" to see images from your Album.

Action 5: the program shows your entire album on Facebook, you can pick the folder to save the images and click.

Action 6: Wait till the program surfaces, the program displays the variety of downloaded pictures as shown below, click.

With basic controls, you can download your image albums or your friends by fbDownloader.

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