How to Download Videos Off Facebook

How To Download Videos Off Facebook, Facebook is one of the largest video hosting and streaming websites on the Internet. It is kept back somewhat by missing out on choices to embed most videos on third-party websites (you can embed videos that you have actually published but not videos by other users), and lack of a proper video website with search choices and categories or tags.

How To Download Videos Off Facebook

Still, you may wish to download a few of the videos that you enjoy on Facebook so that you can rewatch them once again without losing information and have them supported safely offline.

The following guide strolls you through the actions of downloading any video on Facebook.

Update: Facebook altered the system that it uses in current time. It uses HTML5 video by default now and not Flash anymore. The method explained below does not work any longer, so here are two alternatives that you can try to download Facebook videos:

Using Developer Tools

This approach does not need using third-party software application or services. It is a bit technical, nevertheless.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Open the video page on Facebook.

  • Press F12 to open the Developer Tools in your web browser.

  • Go to Network > Media in the user interface that opens.

  • Play the video.

  • The video URL will appear in the Developer Tools location after a while. If it does not, switch to another filter, e.g. All, and then back.

  • Right-click and copy the link address.

  • Open a brand-new tab page and paste the link address.

  • Click on play.

  • Right-click on video and choose "save video as"

Using a totally free third-party service

Fbdown is a totally free service that you might use to download Facebook videos.

Simply paste a Facebook Video link into the form on the website and click on the download button. The service shows download links for SD and HD video copies of the video (if readily available), and all that is left to do is right-click on the one you wish to download and pick the "Conserve Link As" alternative. End of Update

Saving Facebook videos, the old (outdated method).

The company uses different technologies to serve video contents to Facebook users. By default, it is using Adobe Flash on the majority of systems for that.

If you open this NBA video for example on Facebook on a desktop system, Adobe Flash is needed to play it in your browser of option.

There is no automatic fallback to HTML5 video or an option to change to the brand-new standard instead.

While you could utilize download extensions to download the video in its initial type from Facebook, there is an even easier alternative than that which may be enough for you.

Lets use this video url as an example:

All you have to do is the following:.

  • Change the www part of the url with m. This would customize the example url to look like this:

  • Right-click on the video and select the save video choice displayed in the context menu.

  • Select a location on your hard disk drive you want to save the video to.

That's it.

The approach should work on all videos on Facebook.

It loads the mobile variation of Facebook rather even if you are not utilizing a mobile phone to access the site. Mobile videos are served using HTML5 video and not Adobe Flash which in turn enables the HTML5 video player on Facebook which displays the conserve video choice in its right-click context menu.

There is one disadvantage to the approach though: the video quality is minimized when you switch to the mobile website. The gamer itself does not permit you to alter the quality and it is unclear if there is a criterion that you might add to the url itself to improve it.

For now, you seem to be stuck to the lower quality regrettably.

Still, this is a stylish service that might work, for circumstances when you watch those videos on your smart phone or device and not the desktop.

The Best Ways To Use Chrome to Download Facebook Video.

Initially, launch Google Chrome.

Next, log in to Facebook and find the video you want to save. Right-click on the video and select Open in a New Page.

Now right-click on an empty area of the page. Select Inspect Aspect.

This opens the designer tools window at the bottom of the page. Click on Network at the leading left.

Then begin playing the video. You may need to play it through a couple of times. Lastly, click the Type column and find the video file.

After finding it, look under the name course on the left-- it's on the very same row. Right-click to open that link and open a brand-new tab.

Now right-click on the video again. Click Conserve video as.

Now simply change to the area of the saved video file and you can play it.

I suggest utilizing VLC Media Player as a few of the videos you download will be in FLV format, and not all video players can play the FLV file type.

I did this with a couple of videos. Because other videos I had were saved in the MP4 format, I discovered I might use the Windows 8.1 Play To feature to send them to my Xbox 360 and enjoy them on the huge screen. And, when the file is downloaded, you can move it to any device you wish to watch it on.

There are third-party online tools you can use like or My success with those tools hasn't been outstanding, so I use the manual method I describe above.

Despite the fact that it takes a couple of more steps to use Chrome to How To Download Videos Off Facebook, you'll understand you're getting the video you desire. Plus it's a geeky method to impress your good friends and household. They'll believe you're a genius. If they do not currently.

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