How to Link Twitter and Facebook

Handling friends on social media networks is as challenging as filling a holed pail with water. The Internet garden is constantly spreading its scent with an abundant of social networks flowers. Of course, you may have wished if there could be a method to connect all your online services so that you can easily manage your buddies. It's time that your wish might become a reality as we're here to tell you How To Link Twitter And Facebook.

Twitter and facebook are the 2 primary pillars of the social networks empire. Utilizing Twitter with Facebook makes it easier to share your thoughts with your good friends and fans. Nevertheless, you may find it challenging to sync your FB and Twitter account. Stress not as we have actually developed our how-to box for supplying you the easiest actions to connect your Twitter and Facebook account. Let's start to unpack our how-to box:

How To Link Twitter And Facebook

 Link your Twitter account with your Facebook profile

  • Sign into the Twitter account you want to connect to your Facebook profile

  • After login, click on the wheel icon resting at the top-right corner

  • A drop-down menu will appear. Scroll down and tap on the Settings option

  • Select Apps choice to continue the procedure

  • Click on Connect to Facebook button to connect your Facebook and twitter account

  • As soon as done, a brand-new browser window will open, allowing you to enter your Facebook login credentials if you're not currently logged in to your Facebook profile

  • Now, you will receive a pop-up that discusses to you that Twitter will get particular data from your Facebook profile. To continue, you must click on Okay button

  • Go to choose the personal privacy settings option to pick the audience for your tweets and retweets published on your Facebook wall. It is set to Buddies just by default

  • As soon as done, your Tweets and Retweets will now publish to your Facebook wall in addition to your Twitter username

Link your Twitter account with a Facebook page
Do you have your own Facebook page and wish to link your Twitter account with that? If yes, then take a meal packed with proteins and sit on a chair as we're going to get the next firelight from our how-to box. Ready? Let's begin:

  • After logging into your Twitter account, go to Settings > Apps and grant Twitter the "handle pages" access for your Facebook profile

  • Within the Apps Settings, choose the Facebook page you wish to link with your Twitter account

  • You will be requested numerous authorizations to finish the process. Merely click on allow authorization button to link Twitter to Facebook page

How to connect Facebook to Twitter account

If Facebook is your social weapon of choice and you post all your updates there, then you're quite excited to know that how to link FB with Twitter, so that your Twitter fans can also see your FB updates. Don't fret as our how-to box is not empty yet. Let's take a deep dive to know the best ways to link Facebook profile to Twitter:

  • Go to connect FB profile to Twitter account link and click on Link My Profile to Twitter button

  • Now, Twitter will ask you for your permission to authorize your FB profile. Click on Authorize App option to connect your Facebook and twitter account

  • You get notified by a message that your Twitter is now connected to your FB profile. By default, there will be examined boxes for the following options: Status Updates, Photos, Hyperlinks, Videos, Notes, and Events. In case you do not like any of these to be related to Twitter, merely uncheck its box and click save modifications button

That's all we have in our how-to box. How To Link Twitter And Facebook was quite easy? So, begin sharing your updates, tweets, and other posts with your buddies and followers on FB and Twitter alike.

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