How to Restrict On Facebook

In Facebook, there is a very easy method to hide your posts and updates from specific good friends without having to obstruct them or unfriend them. Facebook has a really useful feature called limited list, which can be utilized to limit a group of good friends from seeing any of your posts, images or updates, How To Restrict On Facebook.

So exactly what is restricted list on Facebook and how is it different from a generic Facebook good friend list? In todays post, I am going to explain Facebook's restricted friend list completely detail.

Exactly What is Restricted List On Facebook? Where Do I Find it?

The limited list is an unique buddy list every Facebook users has by default (you don't have to create it). People you add in the your limited buddy list will just see your public posts and status updates. So if you are pals with colleagues and employers and do not want them to see any of your posts besides public updates, the limited list is the way to go.

The restricted list is the most convenient way to restrict buddies on Facebook from seeing any of your updates that are not public. You may have your Boss, your previous employers, your ex and sensitive relationships on Facebook, if you don't want them to see your wall posts, your photo uploads, tagged photos and everything else, it would be best to add these Facebook pals to your limited list.

Now here is how you find the so called "restricted list of friends" on Facebook:

 How To Restrict On Facebook

1. Login to your Facebook account, click the "settings" icon and choose "account settings".

2. Click "Stopping" in the left sidebar.

3. In the next page, choose "Edit list" under the area "Restricted list", as displayed in the following example:

4. When you click "Edit", you will have the ability to include or remove Facebook friends to your restricted list. You would also be able to evaluate which of your existing freinds were currently contributed to this list and are prohibited from seeing any of your updates that are not public.

When and Why you should Limit Individuals On Facebook

You might question-- why not add all of them into a generic "blocked" pal list, or include them to my acquaintances list, rather than using this restricted pal list. What is the advantage of using restricted buddy list over a general friend list with which I will never ever share any post or update?

Here is the difference.

When you include friends to your "Restricted list" they can only see the details and posts that you make public. Facebook does not inform your buddies when you add them to your Limited list. You do not need to remember your privacy settings everytime you post to Facebook, or worry about with whom a particular post is shared. If you have added your companies and senstive pals to the limited list, they will never ever be able to see any of your updates, but you can continue to be pals with them on Facebook and exchange IM talks and messages.

I have a lot of good friends in Facebook and I use pal lists extremely sensibly. Till now, I used to put all those friends with whom I do not intend to share anything to the "associates" list and would have the default privacy setting as "Buddies other than acquaintances". The problem with this technique is that when I use numerous devices e.g iPhone, Android or the iPad, I needed to consistently cross check whether the privacy setting is consistent across all these devices.

However, with the restricted list feature, I never need to worry whether my not so close can see my Facebook posts, status updates and pictures that I do not want them to see. Thanks for reading How To Restrict On Facebook!

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