How to See Videos On Facebook Mobile

In this article, we will show you on How To See Videos On Facebook Mobile with these 3 easy pointers!

Last time when I required to check my uploaded videos on Facebook app on my Android mobile phone, the videos were no place to be found.

I keep in mind, it has "Videos" album when you go to your Facebook Image albums. So where are they now?

Well, I inspect it utilizing desktop PC then go to my Profile > Pictures > Album then there you have it. It has the "Videos" album. However why cannot I see it on Facebook app using Android smart device?

The response is, I do not understand. Truly!

But I have done a tiny research and I find people complaining the same problem as me. I have found that Facebook team does not care about these grumbles so what we do now?

Well, I have actually discovered 3 services or 3 pointers to see Facebook uploaded videos on your Android phone and I'm about to share it with you. So here it is!

How To See Videos On Facebook Mobile

Idea 1: Using Facebook App

Let's start initially by utilizing their app. So as you can see, we can not see our uploaded videos in Photos > Album when utilizing the Facebook app. Nevertheless, to see the videos:

1. Just search your name in the search bar
2. Then click "Videos" tab under it. There you can see your videos.

3. You can likewise include the word "videos" after your name. So the outcome will be like this:
4. Just click "SEE ALL" or "VIDEOS" and you will find your uploaded videos.

5. You can likewise use this to search videos of your good friend. Simply input "

Idea 2: Utilizing Web browser

In this method, you can attempt any browser however I use google chrome so here it is:

1. Open chrome. Type then login.
2. Go to your profile then click "About" page.

3. Scroll down a little bit and you will find "Videos" section after images. Click it.

4. After you click it, you will discover all of your uploaded videos in addition to the videos that you're tagged in.
5. Easy right?

Idea 3: Develop your own Video album.

This last tip will not likely your bet but when you do this, you will discover your uploaded videos on that album when you go to images utilizing Facebook app. No more searches!

Simply develop your very own video album then publish all your future videos there. Seriously! I already attempted it and it worked.

Into you!
With all this 3 suggestions, you must have the ability to find your old and brand-new uploaded videos on Facebook. With all the grumbles, Facebook ought to repair this issue right now. Why is it difficult for them to repair this anyhow?

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