New Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

New Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions. Your Facebook cover image is important. At a glimpse, it can showcase your business and variety of products/services to prospective clients. With increased mobile usage it is necessary to take into account how this image will search smaller sized screens. The following diagram illustrates the best size and visible locations for Facebook cover pictures both desktops and mobiles.

New Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

For desktops, the cover photo ought to be of 851px width and 315 px height. Having an image with resolution higher than 815px x 315 px is not an issue, as Facebook will lower the size proportionately.

Visible and Non-Visible Areas for Mobile Viewing:

Points to be noted from the diagrams above are:

Green Location-- Your business page profile photo or logo goes here. Prevent putting any text or image in this region, as this will be not noticeable in neither desktops nor mobiles.

Blue Area-- The areas which are not noticeable in mobiles. Many individuals are not aware of this and have the tendency to make the error of putting text or images here.

White Location-- This is the only location which shows up in both desktops and mobile.

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An actual example of Cre8ive's Facebook cover image that works in both desktop and mobile:

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