Remove Facebook Reviews

Remove Facebook Reviews, It's actually really easy to turn Facebook reviews and ranking stars on or off, however if you've never ever done it before then it's not so easy to figure out and you can easily neglect this choice.

Remove Facebook Reviews

It's essential to note that only local Facebook business pages can have evaluations and scores because you have to have a physical address.

Action 1: Login to the admin location of the Facebook organisation page. Select "edit page" and after that "modify settings".

Action 2: Select the "Page Details" tab, then scroll down and click on the "Address" line or edit link.

Action 3: Under the map, check or uncheck package to "Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the page". Hit Conserve and you're ended up.

Should You Turn Facebook Reviews On or Off?

So now that you know how to turn Facebook reviews on and off, you might be wondering or asking yourself ought to you have them on or off. The factor I bring this up is because I noticed many services making posts and asking about ways to switch off Facebook reviews.

Are you trying to turn facebook evaluations off? If you are, I 'd like to hear why or for exactly what factor in the comments below.

I help regional companies with track record marketing and getting customers to leave a positive review on Google, Yelp and other places isn't a simple job. We presently do not focus excessive on Facebook reviews, but I would envision that it would be far easier to get review published on a Facebook company page.

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