View Private Facebook Profile

Social networking giant Facebook is used by one and all to be in contact with our good friends, colleagues, family and enjoyed one's. With social media we constantly require some privacy and Facebook supplies us the exact same by means of Personal privacy Settings.Privacy settings in Facebook help the users to hide or lock their profile images and other images from public or particular people.This setting is pretty needed to use taking a look at the increase in users of Facebook so that unknown user/stranger is unable to obtain access to your profile image or other albums.However, even after utilizing this setting there is a method where one can see surprise profile image in Facebook.In this article we are going to share View Private Facebook Profile.

There are two methods to accomplish this and view anyone's profile photo in Facebook even though they might have locked them.

View Private Facebook Profile

Approach 1 has stopped working after an upgrade to Facebook API in June 2015. Nevertheless, Technique 2 is working completely fine.

Approach 1- View Hidden Profile Image in Facebook.

  • Log in to your Facebook account

  • Go to the Profile of the user whose profile image you wish to see

  • Right click the Profile Image and choose Copy Image URL

Paste the URL anywhere( MS Word, Note pad or in address bar in brand-new Tab) you like.

Edit the URL-Remove the part in the URL beginning from "/ hprofile-ak" till "160 × 160".

For instance if the URL is-.

Keep in mind: If you copy this URL paste it in URL address bar and Hit Enter you will see the Profile Image in little measurement( 160 X 160) as in Facebook profile of that user.

Change/Edit this to-.

If you observe "/ hprofile-ak-xfa1/ v/t1.0 -1/ p160x160" is eliminated from the above URL.

  • Copy the edited URL and paste in URL Address Bar.Hit Enter or simply Struck Enter if you copied and edited the URL in address bar itself.

There you go! You will see complete concealed private profile image of the Facebook user whose Profile Image URL you copied.

Approach 2- View Hidden Profile Picture in Facebook.

  • In this method, you require to know the User ID of the user whose profile picture you want to view.

  • Log in to your Facebook account and check out the Profile of the user whose profile image you wish to see.

  • When seeing his/her profile in the address bar you can see the username of the user.

  • You can follow our short article on find Facebook User ID or visit the following site-

  • Get Facebook User id from username to obtain the User id from the Username.

  • Get in the Facebook profile URL of the user whose profile picture you want to view and click Find Numerical Id.

  • Use the User Id in the below link.

For instance, if user id is 1111111 then you modify the above link to-.

  • Copy this link in URL address bar of your browser and Struck Get in.

With these two techniques you can View Private Facebook Profile of anyone.However this was just for helpful purpose and you should not see others personal information.

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