Delete All Posts From Facebook Page

Delete All Posts From Facebook Page, that is to say, a great deal of the activity that you have actually developed in this social media, is absolutely not a basic task and the social media network does not offer an option to eliminating them with a stroke and in a couple of seconds.

However, there are options to by hand erase those publications that you do not want to keep in sight and likewise an application that allows you, after a payment of $ 2.99, erase all the registration from your account.

Delete All Posts From Facebook Page

In addition, you have the option to permanently close your account and different options for various requirements that in this article from MSNTECHBLOG explain them all.

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Guidelines to erase all Posts and Comments from Facebook:

Easiest method to erase all Facebook Post and Remarks

If you simply tired of this social media and wish to delete all Facebook and leave it as soon as and for all, then the easiest and smartest option is to deactivate your Facebook account. As soon as you do, it will take 1 Month for all info in your profile and the account to disappear completely, after that duration you have effectively accomplished.

To know ways to do this we invite you to read our post how to deactivate my Facebook account.

Delete particular Posts and Comments from Facebook

If the issue is that you wish to delete specific Facebook posts and remarks, then you can do so by recognizing them one by one in your activity log area. The process for deleting old publications from Facebook is extremely basic, you need to visit to Facebook and after that press the arrow in the upper right, from the list of options choose Activity Log.

On the left, you can select between your posts or remarks to begin deleting them. You will see every publication or comment you have made in this social media monthly, so you can go to the month that interests you, choose that comment or publication that you desire to discard and press the pencil icon, which means that allows us to modify something, which Is on the right. A small menu will display and you need to merely select the last choice to delete.

Erase Posts and Comments from Facebook without shutting down account

If none of these 2 options fit you and you desire to erase all your posts and comments from Facebook however without deactivating your account, then the only choice is to download an existing extension for Firefox and Chrome called Facebook Activity Cleaner.

To download this application you should pay $ 2.99 and so you can erase whatever you desire from your publications and comments from Facebook.

When you have actually downloaded the "Facebook Activity Remover" inning accordance with the search engine you utilize, you should visit to your Facebook account. Now, go to your activity log and pick the activity for which you want to start such as your posts, likes, comments, and so on. When you exist you will need to continue a widget with an R that will have been filled in your toolbar, doing so the system will ask if you want to erase all the activity of your account that is pointing, for example, your posts.

By accepting the system you will start to do so, which can take numerous minutes and even hours. Remember that this action is irreversible, so you ought to believe well. Also, it is necessary that you know that this extension will just remove your activity, not that of any 3rd celebration that has actually tagged you. If it has been useful to understand Delete All Posts From Facebook Page.

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