Facebook Mobile Full Site

Are you sick of how Facebook appears on your mobile phone and dream to switch to the desktop variation? If yes, you will get a  service here Facebook Mobile Full Site prior to the end of this post.

Facebook Mobile Full Site

Facebook has been optimised for each operating system. If you gain access to Facebook from your mobile phone, you will be shown the mobile version.

Among the reasons that I choose to gain access to Facebook PC version right from my mobile browser is my capability to put pictures in the folder of my choice throughout uploads. Photos I uploaded through the typical mobile version of Facebook are kept in my mobile uploads which I do not like.

The reason I stated above is simply one from the many reasons I choose to access the computer system variation of Facebook on mobile. However, the conventional Facebook mobile view has its own cons. One of the cons is that it saves information usage.

The simple trick to access the desktop view of Facebook on your smart phone is to always visit Facebook through www.facebook.com/home.php on your mobile phone web browser.

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Facebook Mobile Full Site

Actions to open Facebook Full Site in Mobile.

Below are the two methods to use Facebook Desktop Variation in Mobile,.

1. Utilizing facebook.com/home.php.

rather of Typing facebook.com include "/ home.php" at the end, Just copy paste the below URL or Type the URL in the Mobile browser-.


2. Utilizing Request Desktop.
We'll take you step by action with screenshots and describe the best ways to access the desktop interface utilizing a basic web internet browser on your smart device.

The following steps are with regard to the Google Chrome web internet browser this works for both Android and iPhone. We explain ways to do this in other browsers after this.

Action 1. Open the Google Chrome web internet browser on your mobile phone.

Action 2. Key in the address bar, www.Facebook.com, Facebook's web address.

Action 3. Once at the Facebook login page, log in to your account utilizing your username and password. You will be doing this in the mobile site user interface now, not the desktop website.

Action 4. Once visited, and you begin to see your news feeds, simply hit the menu button in chrome. This is represented by the three dots on top right of your screen.

Action 5. In the menu, you will find a checkbox entitled, "Request desktop website", click it and Chrome need to automatically load the desktop website for you. You will keep on seeing desktop websites for the whole session up until you uncheck the alternative from now on.

Guides on Facebook Complete Site in Mobile.
Depending on the web browser you're using, you must always have an alternative, which makes the app to constantly show you desktop variations of all the sites and not the mobile versions. You may need to dig in deep through the settings for some, but most are self-explanatory and simply done.

If you're not using an internet browser that readily supports something like this, or you're simply lazy and don't desire to mess around with the settings, then go to the address bar and replace the "m" from the address link "m.Facebook.com/ ..." and you will be able to load the desktop website. Although a lot of websites might not adhere to the desktop website and upon clicking another link on this page, you may find yourself redirected to the mobile site.

Likewise, be mindful that desktop interfaces use more information than matching mobile sites most of the times, so keep a tab on that information usage too. This is because the desktop variation includes more UI elements and greater resolution images compared with the mobile versions.

Keep in mind Facebook Mobile Full Site that some features offered on the desktop variation of Facebook may not work as efficiently on your smartphone, due to the fact that of differences in the way smartphone browsers and desktop web browsers work.

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