Facebook Turn Off Chat

Nowadays, a lot of Social Networking sites are active to attract the online users. All the social sites also supply some appealing functions to utilize it on their gadgets. The temptation of features will force the user to utilize various social websites. There are numerous networking sites are readily available to utilize it freely. As an example Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike, Viber, SnapChat, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and much more. However, among of all, here we will discuss among the fantastic features of the Facebook. This excellent function is called Facebook Messenger Chat Heads. FB chat heads will notify you incoming message on Facebook on your gadget, Facebook Turn Off Chat.

The Facebook has also released the Facebook Messenger app to easy chat. The Messenger also provides a center of Chat Heads. It implies it permits you to see and replay the messages on your present screen without opening a FB messenger app on android. If you use this service, you do not require to go the Messenger app to reply it. This feature of Messenger seems helpful for many of the users, while some do not like it.

So, this discussion is for those who do not like the Messenger Chat Heads feature of the Facebook. In which, we will talk about that how to turn off the messenger chat heads on the Android device. You can even switch on or off FB messenger chat heads on your device using these actions. Now, take an appearance at the conversation for shutting off that function.

Facebook Turn Off Chat

  • Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android Device?
    First of all, unlock your Android device and open the Facebook Messenger app.

  • Then, swipe the display for 4 times from right to left. It will take you to the Settings of the Messenger App.

  • Now, scroll down the display. By doing that you should see a choice of Chat Heads. Here, tap on the slider to turn off it.

After following the above procedure properly, you can easily turn off the Messenger Chat Heads. After turning it off, if you want to switch on, then follow the exact same process pointed out above.

How to turn off chat on facebook mobile

You can turn off chat on Fb messenger app on your mobile phone by following the steps listed below.

  • Open Messenger App on your device

  • Tap on Choice

  • Tap on Active

  • Usage toggle at the top to turn on or switch off chat

You should keep in mind that people will not see you are an online and green icon next to your name.

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