How to Add Friend On Facebook

Do you wants to How To Add Friend On Facebook? If yes, then this post is for you. I have create a script that lets you include all your pending Facebook pals requests at once with a single click. Note, that this script is for approving the pending Facebook pal requests at as soon as not for including new Facebook pals or sending out requests like a spammer.

This post is simply for the instructional function, this need to not be use in any spam method. I produced the script to save your time in authorizing the numerous Facebook Pal requests.

How To Add Friend On Facebook

In Firefox

Action 1: Navigate to your Facebook Homepage ( in Firefox web browser and click the buddies icon on top where the pending good friends demands are shown near Facebook Messages icon.

Action 2: Scroll to the bottom of that Facebook Pending Good Friend Requests so that your all pending friend requests are loaded in the widget and script bring all the items. Take a look at the below image!

After your friends are filled in the buddy demands box, follow the listed below action.

Action 3: Press ctrl+ shift+ k from your Firefox window opening that friend demands box displayed in the above screenshot and paste the following code in the console window that appeared at the bottom (Check the below screenshot).

javascript: for( i = 1; i< document.getElementsByName(" actions [accept]). length; i++) @[document.getElementsByName(" actions [accept]) [i] click();]@ void( 0 );.

Now, wait for some minutes depend upon the variety of your pending good friend demands. Do not do anything till you see all the buddies are added automatically, just have a coffee and i guarantee, your all pending friend demands will be authorized till you finish your coffee:D.

Do you like my efforts? Did it worked for you? Show me utilizing the below remark box, Yes! you can share your sensations using Facebook remark box;-RRB- I'm waiting on your remarks!

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