How to Make Facebook Group Private

To create a personal Facebook group, create the group and set the privacy to closed or secret, depending upon your preference. How To Make Facebook Group Private, In a closed group, just existing members can see exactly what is posted, but anyone can ask or be invited to sign up with, and anybody can see the group's name and members. A secret group is totally personal and members need to be invited. See information in # 2 below.

How To Make Facebook Group Private


1. Click the blue down arrow on top right of Facebook and choose Develop Group

Figure 1: Create a group (click to enlarge)

Select your group choices: enter your group name, add group members, and then pick the privacy settings for your group (see Figure 2). For privacy setting information, click on this link.

Figure 2: Personal privacy alternatives (click to increase the size of).

- Click Develop.
- When you create your group, you personalize it by uploading a cover picture and including a description.

Other suggestions.

1. Search to and check in to your account.

2. Click the "Produce Group" choice in the left sidebar on your Facebook homepage. If this alternative does not appear, click the blue "See All" link in the menu to reveal the "Create Group" choice.

3. Type a name for your new group into the "Group Call" field.

4. Type in the names of Facebook pals and contacts that you want to invite to the secret group in the "Members" input field. Only the buddies that you welcome will be able to see and access the group.

5. Click the "Personal privacy" pull-down menu at the bottom of the dialog box and choose "Secret." Click the blue "Produce" button to create your secret Facebook group.

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