How to Merge Pages On Facebook

How To Merge Pages On Facebook. Rather a long time ago, Facebook attempted to compete with Google Maps and Yelp in the area of evaluations for physical regional services. To help them in this, they developed place pages for a wide array of businesses discovered on public map data. If a company was validated to currently have a Facebook page, they normally just included performance to that page, however it didn't constantly go smoothly.

If the company page had a little different information than the page Facebook attempted to produce, there would be a replicate created. If the organisation came along later to make their own Facebook page, absolutely nothing persuaded them into embracing the existing page, so there would end up being 2. Also, sometimes individuals would simply make pages for their preferred brands, intending to give or offer them to the brand name later, when the brand typically just made their own.

There are a lot of various reasons that there may be duplicate pages. Heck, you might have made a page, abandoned it, forgot about it, and made another later on. Or possibly you lost the admin rights to your page in some way, and developed a brand-new one instead of finding out the best ways to obtain the authority. It's also possible that you made a page, abandoned it, then made an individual profile for your company, which was caught and transformed into a page, leading to two pages.

The point is, there are 2 pages for your company, and you don't need the replicate. What can you do to merge them?

How To Merge Pages On Facebook

The easiest approach of merging two pages requires that you be the admin on both of them. If you're not the admin for among them, you're going to need to skip this section and check later in the short article for your situation.

In order to be able to combine 2 pages you own, those pages require to represent the very same thing. They require to have similar names and they have to represent the exact same organisation or entity. Additionally, their details must be the very same, most notably the physical address if the service has physical places. A disparity in contact details is usually the reason for the duplicate page, so ensure to edit the pages such that they have the very same details to make this procedure go more efficiently.

In order to really combine the pages, you have to click this link. It will prompt you to re-enter your password to make sure you actually own the account, rather than being just someone logged in as another person on their computer system. This doesn't assist much if they have autofilled passwords, however it's still one extra level of security.

You will exist with a list of pages tied to your personal profile. Preferably, both of the pages you desire to merge will be noted. If they are not, you run out luck and will require to attempt another technique. If they are, you will have to pick the two pages you want to merge and click the continue button.

In the next action, you will be asked which of the two pages you wish to keep. When you combine two pages, one of them is flagged as the main page, and among them is the secondary. The main page remains exactly as it is. The secondary page disappears. Any check-ins from the secondary page will be contributed to the primary page. Posts, images, evaluations, ratings, and the username of the secondary page will be deleted and stagnated. Individuals who like the secondary page but not the main page will have their like transferred so that they like the main page. When the combine is complete, the secondary page will be erased, and any unsaved information on it will be lost.

Prior to you actually merge the pages, review the page you selected as the secondary page. Ensure there's absolutely nothing on it you want to save. Typically, you will most likely desire to save the images from the page if they aren't currently replicated on the primary. Posts aren't typically worth keeping, though if you have some notes or milestones on the secondary that you desire contributed to the primary, you must do so.

In some cases, you might find check-ins or reviews on the secondary page that you would like to have on the main. Unfortunately, there is no great way to transfer those. The finest you can do is reach out to the customer by means of a tag in a public post and ask to leave their evaluation on the new page. Many people won't bother to do so, however, so the advantage you get from it will be doubtful. It's better to just ignore it and go with what the primary page has developed.

How do you decide which page should be the primary and which should be the secondary? I recommend looking at the page that has the most engagement, the most current posts, and the very best reviews. This is because that information does not rollover from the secondary to the primary. Conversely, don't make your decision simply based upon the number of followers, because the audience will be merged. If page 1 has more engagement and more reviews, but page 2 has more followers, I would pick page 1 as the primary. The exception is if page 1 hasn't published in 2 years but page 2 is active. Activity tends to defeat reviews, merely because it's a huge part of EdgeRank.

Please note that combining 2 pages you manage has the tendency to be an immediate and irreversible process. Facebook doesn't have oversight over the procedure so long as you control the pages; they let you make with them exactly what you desire. This includes a rate, which is that they don't archive the page or permit you to roll back the modification. They provide you sufficient warning that you will lose the secondary page for excellent, so make certain you truly wish to merge them prior to you start the procedure.

Combining an Owned Page with an Unclaimed Page.

The process for combining a page you don't own with a page you own is mainly the same, supplied the page you don't own is unclaimed. This has the tendency to happen when somebody aims to sign in with your organisation prior to you have that performance available; a location page is produced for your business to keep the evaluation, however it doesn't go to your page, even if you have one set up.

You can tell when a page has not been declared because it will have "informal page" listed below the cover photo. These pages usually are not tied to any profile, and are readily available to be declared by the owner of business.

The very first step of this process, then, is to declare the page. You should see a button on the page, below the cover picture, labeled "is this your business?" If you click that button, you will exist with instructions to verify you own or represent the business in question. This will normally include providing over business phone number, e-mail address, and some documents to show that you are who you say you are.

Unfortunately, the claim procedure will take a little time, as Facebook has to by hand evaluate the documents and get back to you about declaring the page. Once you have it declared, however, it will be included to pages you manage and you are free to do with it exactly what you will. Once you have it claimed, go back to the previous area of this post and follow the steps to combine 2 pages you own.

If there are multiple unmanaged pages that represent your business but which you do not own, you will have to declare all of them in order to get ownership of them, and after that you will need to combine them all. I suggest combining the trash pages first, considering that none will have exactly what you want and it will not matter which one you pick as a primary or a secondary. The only primary that matters is the actual main you choose to keep.

Merging an Owned Page with a Managed Page.

In the previous version, I informed you ways to claim a page that represents your organisation and is not handled. What happens if the page has an owner, though, which owner is not you?

The first choice you have is to attempt to contact the owner of the page. In many cases, it was developed by a fan, and they will be perfectly ready to turn over control of the page to you. If this is the case, they will need to transfer admin rights to you. In order to do this:.

  • The existing admin will have to add you as an admin to their page.

  • When you have been added as an admin, the existing admin will have to remove themselves as admin on the page.

  • You must now have control over the page and it need to be tied to your profile.

If this does not work, I suggest sending out Facebook a help message, as they can probably transfer ownership as long as both you and the previous admin agree.

In many cases, however, the existing supervisor of the page either does not take notice of the page, is not an active user, or is maliciously impersonating your page for their own objectives. In these cases, you will need to file a copyright report versus the page. You can check out Facebook's information about intellectual residential or commercial property here.

To report the page, merely navigate to the page and click the ... menu on the cover image. Among the options will be "report page." Follow the directions, choosing an imposter page as the reason, and submit the report.

Sadly, you will not be getting control over the page when this happens. Instead, if Facebook evaluates the page and chooses that it is indeed impersonating your page, they will eliminate it. Frequently, they will suspend, warn, or prohibit the controller of that page also. Regardless, you will not be able to take control of the page, which indicates you will not have the ability to merge it with your own. Any content on the imposter page will be lost.

This is great if the imposter page is harmful. You do not want the content from a harmful page combined with your very own page. On the other hand, if it was a completely benign page that simply was not active, there might be content you desired. Unfortunately, there's no other way to keep it.

If the "page" is not in fact a page, however a personal profile impersonating your business, you will still need to follow the very same options. Reporting the imposter profile will normally get it gotten rid of. Once again, there is no way to save anything on it for your own usage.

Another variation is if you own a personal profile that represents your organisation, as well as a page that represents it. Facebook has a "migrate to page" choice, which you can discover here. This copies the data from the profile and creates a page with that data, which you can then merge into your main business page.

The kicker here is that it does not get rid of the original profile, simply the merged page. If you have a profile and a page, transform the profile into a page so that you have a profile and 2 pages, then merge the two pages, you will still be left with a profile and a page.

Nevertheless, this process is useful if the profile has information you desire to conserve. You can produce the profile turned page, then merge it with your page to save the data. You are then totally free to change or delete the profile, assuming it is not your primary profile. You can not remove the profile connected with your page unless you're prepared to get rid of the page as well. Nevertheless, you can alter the info connected with it into a personal page, which you can use to represent yourself as CEO of the business, or whatever position you occur to hold.

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