Lite Facebook Com

Lite Facebook Com, Early today, Facebook submitted a new, lost weight version of their app called Facebook Lite to the Google Play Shop. Targeted at low-end devices in emerging markets where cellular information is a little slower, we have to confess, we were plenty thrilled at the possibility of a 2G-friendly version of the usually puffed up Facebook app.

Lite Facebook Com

Soon after setup, our optimism was satisfied with cold difficult truth-- this app was little bit more than a wrapper for the mobile web view (ie, it's almost identical to visiting Okay, so there are some key distinctions. There's no videos (like, at all) and unlike opening Facebook in your phone's web browser, Facebook Lite will provide you with push notifications on your Android device, handy if you're awaiting a crucial message and wish to keep up with buddies without having to revitalize the browser.

The trade off? Facebook Lite-- which is advertised as less than 1MB (252KB), but actually used up 1.16 MB after installation-- requests a fair quantity of permissions from your Android device, much like the complete fledged 114MB (after setup) regular variation of the app (just without the area data). Oh, did we discuss it's sluggish?

Even on WiFi, the app is sluggish to load, slow to scroll, and slow to switch in between News Feed, your messages, and alerts. Even with a high-end Snapdragon 801 equipped Android device, the "app" straight up feels like molasses. But as we mentioned, you do get direct access to your messages without needing to set up Facebook Messenger, so there's that.

We believe Facebook actually had something here and were actually expecting a quicker, lighter, less function heavy, Facebook app for those of who don't need all the frill of sticker label stores and so forth. Unfortunately, Facebook Lite truly simply does not cut it.

Facebook Lite is presently readily available for all Android 2.2+ gadgets in Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, or Zimbabwe by means of the Play Store. Those living elsewhere who had actually still like to offer it a try, you can download it from us via the link listed below.

Download: Facebook Lite for Android

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