Make Friends Private On Facebook

Here's a quick how-to on Make Friends Private On Facebook and why it's so important.

On sites like Facebook you have your apparent must-do privacy configurations, like your post presence settings, which naturally should be set to buddies just. Our full run-down on locking down that Facebook account can be checked out here.

And then there's the not-so-obvious settings that might not strike you as something that actually requires to be done, specifically when the default setting enforced by Facebook is absolutely incorrect. The personal privacy settings for your Facebook good friends list is among those settings.

Why do I have to make my Facebook buddy list personal?
It is necessary to restrict the visibility of your good friends on Facebook to secure them, because fraudsters can clone your account and usage that account to trick your good friends.

You see, if a fraudster clones your account (by creating another account with your name and profile image two pieces of details you can't hide from individuals) then they can begin sending out buddy demands to all of your buddies in an attempt to trick them into accepting, thinking it's you. Nevertheless, if the scammer can't see your pals list, the inspiration to clone your account is gone.

If your buddies list is public, and a fraudster clones your account and sends requests, and a good friend demand is accepted, the fraudster can attempt to initialise any variety of different scams on your good friend, which could effectively succeed. It's called Facebook cloning.

Make Friends Private On Facebook

Action 1:

From the main Facebook page, you require to go to your Timeline. You do this by clicking on your very own name in the upper left hand corner, beside your avatar photo.

Action 2:.

When on your Timeline, you have to click the Friends link which lies listed below a photo with a few of your good friends' avatars. This lies right listed below your banner photo.

Action 3:.

When you get to your Buddies List page, in the upper ideal hand corner you will see an Edit button. Click Edit.

Action 4:.

Ensure that the "Only Me" choice is has a check mark beside it in the fall menu underneat the "Who can see your buddy list?" line.

Ok a few things, you absolutely can not hide your profile image or your cover photo. You can delete all the old ones from the profile album and the cover album, so that the general public can just see the one. And also set that one profile picture you have delegated Friends Just so that public can not make it bigger if they click on it. In any case, the very best thing to do if you actually want to be as personal as possible is to not have images of you or your household as a cover or profile picture. Just select something random.

As for the other picture albums, you can enjoy this video and he shows you how to make them private:.

Also you can retroactively return and make all your old posts on your timeline "Buddies Just" by following these actions.

Action 1:.

Click the little wheel link in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Action 2:.

Click on Privacy Settings.

Action 3:.

Click on "Limitation Past Posts".

Action 4:.

Click "Limitation Old Posts" and then validate.

And always remember to use the practical options under the padlock icon in the upper right and corner too to assist lock down as much as you can.

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