Turn Off Notifications Facebook

Today I'm going to show you how to switch off alerts for a single Facebook post, and control what you see and when. Turn Off Notifications Facebook

Utilize these instructions if Facebook generally informs you with an e-mail when there's a brand-new remark on a post by someone.

Why would I wish to turn off alerts on a Facebook post?

Often you desire to publish a discuss a Facebook post however you do not wish to see all of the replies and comments that follow it. Why might this be? Here are some examples ...

  • Your friend has actually had a good (or bad) event in their life and posted about it, and you wish to publish a message of congratulations or assistance but you know about a million other -individuals are going to post a similar comment and you don't desire great deals of e-mails flooding your mailbox.

  • You've entered a competition by discussing an organisation's post but you don't wish to see all the other entries.

  • You have actually discussed a news product someone's shared however it's quite disturbing and you don't want to be reminded of it each time someone else comments.

These guidelines work for posts in either your primary timeline or a Facebook group, however they look a little different so I've broken it down into two sections.

So, how do I prevent Facebook from emailing me every time there's a comment, if I don't desire to alter my whole Facebook signals settings?

How do I shut off Facebook notifications in a post on my timeline?

If you desire to keep a post available in your timeline (i.e. you don't want to conceal it) however you don't desire to get alerts of additional discuss the post when you have actually commented, here is ways to Stop notices.

First, discover and push the little down-arrow in the leading right-hand corner of the post:

This will give you a menu of things you can do:

You can see here that you can likewise Hide the post or unfollow the individual who published it. However we want to click on Switch off notifications at the bottom of the list.

Now Facebook will verify what you have actually done:

This works, as you can click Turn On Notices if you did this by error.

If you wish to turn your notices back on at any time (so that you get an e-mail whenever someone else comments), go and discover the post, click on the down-arrow and select Switch on notifications:

Now you will get an email each time someone comments on the post.

How do I turn off Facebook notifications on my own post?

Naturally this is somewhat different-- if you wish to switch off alerts on one of your very own posts, you get more alternatives when you click that down-arrow:

How do I shut off Facebook alerts in a Group?

If you belong to a Facebook Group however select not to have it turn up in your timeline (for example, if you remain in a photo-a-day group and would wind up with 80 posts a day in your Facebook timeline), there's a slightly various method to turn off notices.

In this example, a buddy has actually posted about the Terrific British Bake-Off and another buddy has pointed out, and tagged me in their comment, that I have not seen it yet and will be viewing it tomorrow. I don't want to see anymore comments in case someone lets slip who's left the competition.

Click the little down-arrow in the leading right corner of the post ...

This will raise a menu. Here you can also report a post as spam if you have to-- however we're going to focus on shutting off the alerts. You do that by clicking on Turn off notices:.

As soon as you have actually done that, you'll see a message above the post telling you that you will no longer get notifications about this post. This means that whenever anyone discuss the post, you won't get an e-mail informing you that this has actually happened.

Note that you will likewise see a clickable link allowing you to Switch on Notices-- which is really beneficial if you have actually done this by mishap. You can click Switch on Alerts to make sure you still get remarks emailed to you:.

If you wish to turn notices back on for a post, go and find the post (you have not concealed it, so it will still remain in your timeline or the group it was published in). Click the down-arrow once again and select Turn on alerts:.

Now you will get an email whenever someone discuss the post.

This post has shown you ways to shut off alerts in your Facebook timeline, by yourself posts and in Groups. You can discover more on social networks in the Resource Guide or by using the Search box in the right-hand column.

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