Add Admin to Facebook Page

Add Admin To Facebook Page, Facebook permits you to produce devoted page for promoting your site, product, service, star following. By default, developer of specific fanpage on Facebook is its administrator user. However, that user can add more users as admin for much better management of the page. You can assign different tasks to newly included users of types: manager, material creator, moderator, marketer, insight expert.

Add Admin To Facebook Page

1. Open your fanpage on Facebook by clicking its name under "Pages" area on left sidebar of the Facebook site or directly open it by its unique web address URL (make sure you are logged into your Facebook account while doing this).

2. On the homepage of your Facebook fanpage, click on "Edit Page" button at top and then click on "Admin Duty" choice. This will open "Admin Responsibility" page which checks out "All Page admins can have a various role designated to them, depending on exactly what they require to work on" at the top.

3. Type name or e-mail ID of the individual and select function for the user amongst choices like: manager, material creator, moderator, advertiser, insight analyst. Then click Save button to verify on changes. You can add more users as admin by clicking "Add Another Admin" alternative. There is no limit on variety of admins a Facebook fanpage can have.

Supervisor is the top administrator user who has rights for all functions like: Handle Admin Roles, Edit the Page and Add Apps, Produce Posts as the Page, Respond to and Erase Remarks, Send Out Messages as the Page, Produce Ads and View Insights.

Above table provide comparions of different roles assigned to different type of users of a Facebook fanpage. You can pick type of admin according to roles that specific user is expected to carry out on your Facebook fanpage.

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