Desktop Version Facebook

Desktop Version Facebook, if you are not content with browsing the mobile-optimized variation of particular sites, you can utilize Chrome User Agent Switcher to disguise your Chrome Android internet browser's identity! Yes, it's that basic!

Once you install this app, you can allow Chrome to simulate the habits of other popular internet browsers, like the iPad or iPhone Safari web browser, IE, Desktop Firefox or the Desktop Safari browser, among others. Then, when you open any site in Chrome, it will open as if it's opening in the web browser you specified! To rephrase that, this app actually lets you see exactly how iPad or Desktop variations of the sites look, ideal in Google Chrome for Android.

Keep in mind that this app works for rooted gadgets only, and I am unable to find its equivalent for non-rooted gadgets, yet. If you can name one for non-root users, do let me understand in the comments section at the end.

Desktop Version Facebook

Among the greatest factors for Google Chrome's appeal is its speed and the truth that it brought along the all new Chromium web rendering engine at the time of its inception. The Android version uses the very same engine as its desktop equivalent, and provides the exact same flexibility too, to an extent. So, if you want to open websites in their desktop design, you can simply install Chrome UA Switcher since the browser itself is more than capable of managing those complex webpages.

Chrome User Agent Switcher is one app which might change the way you search. No, seriously it can, and it might! No more fiddling with that hit-n-miss 'Request desktop website' alternative in the options menu on Chrome. No more getting to make with the puny mobile-web version of websites. You will choose the version you would prefer!

As I pointed out earlier, one thing to keep in mind here is that you will require a rooted device to witness this app's appeal. If you have actually already rooted your gadget, you should head further. And if you are interested in rooting, then you should search your device-specific forums on XDA-Developers.

How to Use Chrome User Agent Switcher on Android?

When you set up Chrome UA Switcher, open it like other app, and give the SuperUser Root consents when the pop up menu asks you to. When done, you will see a list of all the User Representatives readily available to select. Picking any one from them will disguise Chrome's (or Chrome Beta's) online presence. The disguised online presence implies that sites will think that you are using that web browser (the one you picked) rather of Chrome for Android, and hence these sites will send you the variation of the website suggested for the selected web browser. Pretty cool, eh?

And by the way, these are the Browser-UAs that this app supports:.

  • Chrome Desktop.

  • iPad.

  • OSX Chrome.

  • OSX Safari.

  • OSX Firefox.

  • OSX Maxthon.

  • iPhone.

  • Win Mobile 7.

  • Win7 IE10.

  • Win7 Maxthon.

Hold on, I forgot to inform you about the coolest feature of this cool little app! On the upper right corner of the screen you will get an option which can be used to develop your very own customized User Representative Name and User Agent String (see the third screenshot above)-- Batbrowser? Jarvis? You name it! If you are already rooted, you should not reconsider before installing it. It does not matter whether you prefer desktop web browsers on your phone or not, I simply think that we should have the alternative to switch whenever the mobile version just doesn't cut it.

Remember to drop your remarks listed below and share your experience with me Desktop Version Facebook. And if you do develop some custom user representative string, I would definitely enjoy to learn about that.

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