How to Get to Archived Messages On Facebook

How To Get To Archived Messages On Facebook, Facebook can be used to send personal messages to several friends (similar to emailing). Over a time period, huge message list starts to develop in your Facebook account. You can tidy up by archiving messages of your option. You can quickly filter and search: unread, archived and sent messages (also view spam and email just messages if you have Facebook e-mail ID setup). Here fasts regular to archive messages on primary screen and view old archived or sent messages on Facebook.

How To Get To Archived Messages On Facebook

How to archive & view archived messages on Facebook

1. As soon as your login into Facebook, click on Messages option on the left panel. You ought to see list of messages, it might be empty if no messages were sent or received in your Facebok account.

2. To archive a message, click X cross sign on ideal side. This will send out that messages to archive section. You can archive all or specific messages of your option.

3. To see all archived messages, click search button with down arrow and click Archived messages alternative. This will show all formerly archived messages Here you can 'mark as read' or 'unarchive' any messages clicking round button and left pointing arrow button respectively on ideal side.

View sent, unread, email only, spam Facebook messages

1. As soon as you are on Messages page in your Facebook account (by following action 1 above), click search button with down arrow to view available message filter options.

2. You may click on: unread messages, archived messages, sent messages, email just or spam options to view particular type of messages contained in your Facebook account.

Couple of easy actions to deal with message(s) mess in your Facebook account. You can archive important messages as when you discover them for easier ease of access.

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