Setting Up A Business Facebook Page

Considering that Facebook is the network with the largest following online in the World, here is a guide to assist get you started on the platform, Setting Up A Business Facebook Page.

Setting Up A Business Facebook Page

To create your facebook page, enter the url:

or click here to begin. You will need to login ofcourse, but after that, you will be welcomed by the following screen:.

Here you can figure out the type of business you are attempting to set up.


Select the Resident Company or Location classification if you have a physical address where your clients do company with you or that represents the physical location in which you offer your services. This is also a good option if you want to permit people to sign in at your area or evaluate your organisation on Facebook.


Select the Company, Organization or Institution classification if your page represents an entity that is not location-dependent, such as Dell, NASA or the University of Phoenix. This category is likewise a good choice for local services or locations that wish to list an address and allow check-ins, however don't desire clients to leave evaluations.


Pick Brand or Product if your page represents something that is sold through a variety of merchants. It's an excellent choice if you do not have to designate a physical address.


Select Artist, Band or Public Figure if your page represents a specific such as a politician or a star (genuine or imaginary). This is also a good choice if you want to market yourself individually from your Facebook personal profile.


Select Home entertainment if your page is connected to books, publications, films, music or sports, but not people. It's likewise an excellent choice if you don't need to designate a physical address with your page.


If your page does not fit under any of the above primary classifications (and subcategories), then pick Cause or Community as your page's main category. Nevertheless, browse the above choices first to make sure that your page does not fit much better under a different classification.

For this example we will reveal how we established an organisation called GHSpots. We chose Business, Company or Institution. Upon selecting it, we needed to fill in the category which was "internet/Software" then the name "GHSpots":.

As soon as that was done, we clicked Begin to move onto the next area.

The next step is the page setup process. This part is broken down into 4 areas. About your page, adding your profile image, including the page as a preferred and identifying your preferred page audience. The very first section About, is where you complete details about your business along with the link to your site ... if you have one:.

The next area requests for your profile photo. This should be your logo. The correct measurements for your facebook profile image is 180 x 180 pixels.:.

The next section allows you to add the page to your favorites, which indicates it appears on your sidebar on your Facebook profile:.

As soon as this is done, the last step is to establish your preferred page audience.

After this step you will be taken to your Facebook page. Note that you can skip these four actions and go straight to your facebook page, but you will need to fill everything out there which can be a pain.

Now currently, your page is an empty shell, however is live and can be discovered and viewed by people online. To conceal the page, you require to enter into your Page Settings and alter the Page exposure to unpublished.

This setting is handy if you require a couple of days to establish your page or if you have to get corporate or legal approval prior to releasing page material.

Now to edit the page and add your information. The first thing to do is to add a cover picture. The dimensions are 851px x 315px and it must visually represent the person, place or thing for which your page was produced:.

As soon as the cover photo is submitted, you will have to update your page's information under the About tab. Depending upon the category you selected for your page, you will have specific information to fill out. For example, here's the information you can include for a Company Organization or Institution.

Make sure that a minimum of the Facebook Web Address, Brief Description and Website fields are completed.

The Facebook Web Address offers you your unique Facebook page URL ( [yourpage]. The Brief Description is a 155-character description of your page, and the Website is your website. The Brief Description and Website fields are shown in the About box in the left sidebar of your page unless you have a Resident Company or Place page.

Lastly, next to your page's Like button is a Call-to-Action button. You can personalize this button with Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Video Game, Store Now, Register or View Video. Each of these actions can be linked to a specific URL where the action can be finished.

When this is done, you are all set to start posting. Hope this was practical. Let us understand exactly what pages you have set up or if there is anything we might have missed.

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