Change or Reset Facebook Password

Have you forgotten your Facebook password? No longer have access to the e-mail address on your account? Is it time to change your password once again to secure yourself against hacking? Facebook has a variety of tools readily available to help you gain back access to your account and alter your password. It's a question we frequently speak with our clients, so we developed this simple step-by-step overview of show you the method Change Or Reset Facebook Password.

Change Or Reset Facebook Password

Forgot Your Password?

Visit and click on the "Forgot your password?" link under the password field.

On the next screen, get in some details to determine your account and click "search.".

Next, select the "Reset Password" alternative to get an e-mail with a password reset code.

Check your e-mail for the password reset code. Follow the link in the e-mail or enter it straight on Facebook, then follow the instructions on the screen for entering your new password.

If You Not Have Access to your Email.

If you have actually forgotten your Facebook password and no longer have access to the e-mail account associated with your Facebook account, you can still change your password. In the "Reset Your Password" step listed above, click the "Not have access to these?" link listed below the e-mail addresses. Facebook will reroute you to a screen where you can get in a brand-new e-mail address and continue with the process of changing your password.

If You Currently Know Your Password.

After visiting to Facebook, click the "Account" option in the upper right corner. Select "Account Settings" then click "Modification" beside the Password choice. Follow the directions on the screen for entering a brand-new password.

Picking a New Password.

When altering your password, make sure that the brand-new password you use is a secure one. Do not utilize common names or birth dates, and do use a mix of letters and numbers. For more tips, take a look at the rest of our advice on developing a safe password.

It's a great idea to alter all your passwords on a routine basis. This helps secure your accounts from being hacked and assists you maintain control of your online privacy.


Step 1: Introduce your Facebook App, or Browser. Go Facebook Visit Account

Step 2: Tap on "More" button situated at the lower-right part of the screen.

Step 3: Tap on "Setting" or "Account Setting". Scroll all the way down and in the last section we will see

Step 4: Tap on "Security".

Step 5: Tap on "Change Password". Scroll down Login Under see.

Step 6: Now enter your old password into the "Existing password" fill, then enter your "New password" which you want to do. Now "Re-type brand-new password".

Step 7: Tap on "Modification Password".

Now you'll be seeing a screen Logout of other gadgets?. If you wish to remain login on other devices then opt for that alternative, otherwise opt for Stay Logged in and tap on "Continue" to.That's it.


Are you using internet browser, should be Log in Facebook account in your browser, get this link to easy Modification your Password on Facebook.



We Hope this assists, for modification password facebook iphone please share this article Change Or Reset Facebook Password and leaves it comment below!

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