Create Business Facebook Page

In this post we provide the actions for setting up a Create Business Facebook Page.

Follow the fundamental actions below to produce a Facebook Page for your business.

Create Business Facebook Page

1) Login into Facebook.

2) You need to now be at the "House" to be safe click on the "House" link leading right-hand corner.

3) Move your eyes over to the left-hand narrow column then decrease the menu up until you see "Ads and Pages" menu option. Click that link. NOTE: If you can not see that menu option go to this link:

4) Facebook will then take you to your pages administration website. Search for the "Develop Page" button toppish right-hand man side. Click that button.

5) Now look on the left-hand side of the page for the "Offical Page" area and overlook the "Groups" and "Neighborhood Page" areas. They are not for services.

6) Fill out the details for your page. Keep in mind: make certain you choose the right service type for the page "Resident Service, Brand, Artist" etc. as you will not be able to change them once the page is created.

7) Click the "Develop Authorities Page" button.

8) That's it! Facebook will now take you to your brand new Facebook Page.

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