How to Get Deleted Messages Back On Facebook

It is difficult to recover a Facebook message once you have actually deleted it. Even with a court order, Facebook might not be able to recover the message for you.  If you get Facebook message alerts to your e-mail account, it is possible that you still have a copy of the erased message, but beyond this, the only thing you can do is avoid making the same error in the future. How To Get Deleted Messages Back On Facebook this article will assist you examine your e-mail for Facebook notices and provide tips on preventing losing erased messages in the future.

How To Get Deleted Messages Back On Facebook

Follow my easy steps and get back deleted text messages, recover deleted images, videos as well as get back your all profile data.

1. Login into your Facebook account and go to setting after it navigate to General account Settings.

2. Now you can see the Download a copy of your Facebook information, now click download a copy link.

3. After clicking link this will open a new page and on this page you can see download archive button. Click on it, after clicking it want you password by Facebook.

4. Now you get message by Facebook-- "the download link will be sent out to your e-mail id which you utilized to develop your Facebook account.

5. Wait on a minute, inspect your e-mail, now you can see that you received Message from Facebook with download link. Click on download link can download zip file.

6. After downloading zip file extract it and find you lost messages, pictures and videos, find index.htm file open this file in internet browser your able to see all facebbok data of yours.

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