How to Make Facebook Quiz

How To Make Facebook Quiz, I mentioned the other day in Facebook Quizzes that all tests hosted on Concern Author Tracker can now be accessed through Facebook. The simplest way to see your quiz in Facebook is to login to Concern Writer Tracker, pick 'Tests', choose the test and get the link from the Facebook panel.

However, there's another option too-- you can create your own app. There's more setup to it, but you'll get the following advantages.

  • You can utilize your very own App Logo and icons.

  • Users see their ratings compared versus other users.

  • Access to Facebook data about your App.

  • Different listing in Facebook's App Search.

Here's an example of a Concern Author Test established as its own customized app - 9/11 Test.

How To Make Facebook Quiz

1. You'll initially have to go to
You'll require to authorize this app if it is not already in your Facebook account.

2. Click on '+ Create New App'.

3. Give the app a title.

4. Pick a namespace for your app (Examples-- statecapitalsquiz or nine-eleven-quiz).

5. Select the Classification-- Games/ Trivia (It is essential that your app be classified as a Video game for the social scoring functions to work).

6. Click 'App On Facebook'.

The Canvas URL will have this format.

( you need to alter all 4 worths in the URL).
11679 is the Quiz ID (You'll discover this in your Quiz's Public Link).
Q49MG7WY is the Public Token (You'll find this in your Test's Public Link).
108510769253788 is the App ID (You'll discover this in the App's Basic Information).
statecapitalsquiz is the App Namespace (You'll find this in the App's Fundamental Details).

The Secure Canvas URL is the very same as Canvas URL, but change the 'http' to 'https'.

6. Click 'Conserve Changes'.

7. Select 'Settings- > Advanced'.

8. Set 'Canvas Width' to Fluid.

9. If you do not have your very own Personal privacy Policy, you can utilize QWT's

10. If you don't have your ouwn Regards to Service URL, you can use QWT's

11. Set the App's images and icons. You'll need two images, one with dimensions 16 × 16, the other with dimensions 180 × 180.

12. Return to the Facebook panel on your Concern Writer Tracker account.

13. Copy the 'App Secret' (discovered in the App's fundamental settings on Facebook) into the space on the Facebook panel on QWT.

14. Submit an icon for your test (measurements 75 × 75) to someplace online, place the URL in the space provided.


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