Search for Friends On Facebook by Location

With numerous millions of individuals on Facebook, locating long-lost friends or fulfilling brand-new ones on this international social networking platform may not be as simple as merely searching by name. Having the ability to run a Search For Friends On Facebook By Location of house is a really helpful feature, but utilizing this search alternative on Facebook is not as straightforward as it may seem. You require to understand the correct search options and how to utilize them to perform your search.

Search For Friends On Facebook By Location

Below, I will take you step on how to discover your Facebook pals who reside in a particular city.

1) Click the buddies button on the left side panel

2) Click the 'Edit Buddies' button on the top center of the page.

3) Click the dropdown below the search bar, and choose 'Search by Current City'.

4) Enter the name of the city you are browsing for, and press Enter.

5) Send message and ask to sleep on couch! Your task is done here!

Likewise, Facebook likewise enables you to search friends by Hometown, School, Workplace, and Interest.

I would advise Facebook incorporate this function right into their main search function. If I type "Denver", a list of my buddies in Denver must produce-- it just makes good sense. What good is their primary search bar for, if not to find which of your pals remain in a particular city? There has to be a better method.

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