Sync Facebook Contacts to android

Often when we wish to switch from one Android to a brand-new one, contacts may be the one we are care about. To include contacts to our brand-new Android with ease, we can Sync Facebook Contacts To Android rather than including them manually Simply follow the steps below.

Sync Facebook Contacts To Android

Part 1: Sync contacts of Facebook with Android phone manually.

When it pertains to the method to sync Facebook contacts with Android, the first choice should manually save the Facebook contacts in your phone. And what you require is just your Android phone and a trigger Wi-Fi or data connection. Then follow the steps listed below to sync contacts from Facebook to Android phone.

Action 1: Click "Account & Sync option" in Settings app.

Open "Settings" on your Android phone. Then scroll down the screen to find Account & Sync choice and click on it.

Action 2: Pick "Facebook" alternative.

In the Account & Sync page, click on the Facebook choice. Nevertheless, if you have actually not included your Facebook account, you can't see the Facebook option on the list. So you require to tap on the option at the bottom of the screen to include it.

Action 3: Start Facebook contacts syncing.

Pick the "Sync contacts", then click "Sync Now" button to sync contacts of Facebook to Android.

After following these actions, you can move contacts from Facebook to Android phone, and after that you can call the Facebook good friends straight on Android now.

Part 2: Sync Facebook contacts utilizing contacts app in Android

Does contacts app aid you sync Facebook contacts in Android phone? You get a clear answer when you concern this part. And there in fact some contacts apps that able to sync Facebook contact with Android. And with help of it, the procedure of sync will end up being a lot easier. You can quickly find some apps suck as, Contacts +, and other more apps. Now, in exactly what follows, there specify intros about top 3 app for Facebook contact sync.And read on to find the comprehensive actions of Facebook contacts sync.

Leading 1: HaxSync

As a complimentary app, HaxSync is intended at using an Account Authenticator to solve problems. You have the ability to develop an account for each of your contacts and connect them to your phone's contact. It is useful to sync Facebook contact. Next are some steps to download and set up

Action 1: Find HaxSync on Google Play and install it.

You can also open App Drawer to end up setup.

Action 2: Open the app and develop a Haxsync account.

This tool can help you connect each contact to the one in your phone Address book.

Action 3: Transfer Facebook profile photos, birthday info, events pointer, etc.

You are allowed to customize Facebook contact and calendar depending upon your preferences.

Leading 2: Sync.ME

Sync.ME is a really practical and easy tool for Facebook contact syn. Having a clear and non-ads user interface, it is attractive to users. If you are concerned about the loss of your pals' contacts, this application can significantly remove your concerns. Here come its intros.

Action 1: Set Up on your Android

Download from Google Play shop and set up the program on your Android. Then launch the application on your Android phone

Action 2: Sync Facebook contacts to Android phone.

When you go into the Facebook contacts syncing program, tap on the "Sync button" at the bottom of the screen. And you will find three options on the middle of the screen. Select Facebook to sync by tapping the adding icon. And you likewise have other options like Twitter and Google. After that, this app will sync Facebook contacts automatically to your phone.

Leading 3: UberSync

If you desire to search for another easy tool to sync Facebook contact, UberSync may please your desperate need. The main function of it is that it can synchronize profile pictures for Facebook buddies on Android. When initially utilized, it may spend some time, so you had better be client.

Action 1: Open Google Play, search and download Ubersync.

Action 2: After installation, open it.

Action 3: Select a "Sync type" and guarantee the "Sync frequency".

It is the first choice to sync your Facebook contact. Choose choices based upon your like. And you are able to pick whether you would like to sync all contacts or not.

Action 4: Pick whether you want to run complete sync.

Part 3: The best ways to sync Android phone contacts in Facebook

Apart from syncing the Facebook contacts to your phone, you can also sync contacts from Android phone to Facebook for backup. And please continued reading to discover more information.

Action 1: Open Facebook and log in

Open Facebook app on your Android phone and register your Facebook if you don't have an account. If you have, simply log in your account.

Action 2: Click on setting menu

After you have entering Facebook, tap on the 3 bars at the best leading corner. This will assist you to open "setting menu".

Action 3: Upload phone contacts to your Facebook account

After you open the setting menu, scroll down the list to view all choices. Then click on "Constant Upload" to upload all your contacts on Android phone to your Facebook account. After that, you have effectively sync contacts to Facebook, and you will find the profile pictures, birthday information and other information of your buddies. And if you signed up the account recently, you will see the option to "Welcome to Facebook" or you can skip this process to the next.

Action 4: Sync contacts to Facebook

Facebook will reveal you a list of individuals from your phone contacts. And you can welcome them just by clicking on the Invite button. Furthermore, you can click on Invite All to include all your buddies in contacts. After that, tap Done icon at the best top corner.


No matter you wish to achieve Facebook contacts sync on your Android phone contacts, or sync contacts from Android to Facebook, you both can discover the finest option from the short article. And the very first 2 techniques are gotten ready for Facebook contacts sync to phone address book. And you can pick one according to your requirement. Thus, hope these techniques can help you. If you have more inquiries about the case, you can don't hesitate to share more information about the problem in the comments.

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