What is Your Username On Facebook

I was aiming to collect URL's for my social networks public profiles when I realized exactly what an inconvenience it is! I collected the information and have actually developed a cheat sheet. hope it What Is Your Username On Facebook assists.

What Is Your Username On Facebook


To provide a link to your public Facebook profile usage this URL:

Due to the fact that many of us log in with an email address we may not be aware of our user name.
Here is how you can locate your Facebook username:

1. Visit to your account, click on the arrow to the right of Home in the upper-right corner and select Account Settings.

2. Your public url is listed on this page in the General Account Settings area.


To supply a link to your public Twitter profile usage this URL:


LinkedIn includes a couple of more steps after you log into your LinkedIn page.

  • Select Profile > Edit Profile.

  • See Profile URL listed underneath your primary profile info.

  • Click Edit to find the Customize your public profile URL option if you wish to alter your URL.


To offer a connect to your public Pinterest profile page use this URL:.

  • To discover your user name.

  • Login to Pinterest.com.

  • Select your profile in the upper-right corner and select Account Settings.

  • Your user name and public profile are listed on this page.

Google +.

Use this for your public profile:.

To view your distinct Google Profile ID number:.

To personalize your profile URL:.
http://profiles.google.com/unique Google profile ID.

( If you use Gmail) Select the URL with your Gmail username.

( If you don't use Gmail) Define a username in the text box, then click Examine availability. You'll see a message mentioning whether your desired username is offered. Click Conserve when you are done.

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