How to Turn Off Messenger On Facebook

Facebook Messenger is the instantaneous messaging part of anyone's Facebook account but it's not something that everybody suches as ... vice versa - How To Turn Off Messenger On Facebook.

All of us have many kinds of communication clamoring for our attention-- telephone call, SMS/texts, e-mail to numerous accounts and also immediate messaging. Examining each of these can be a discomfort in the (you recognize where).

Facebook Messenger is one messaging service that you can do without. WhatsApp or Signal are much better. Making points complete stranger, WhatsApp is likewise possessed by Facebook.

How To Turn Off Messenger On Facebook

Ways to turn off Facebook Messenger?
You can not.

Facebook's pompousness encompasses making Messenger compulsory. If you have a Facebook account, you get Messenger whether you like it or otherwise.

There isn't really even an 'From Office' or auto-reply attribute that you might make use of to aim people to your favored contact method.

It makes sense from Facebook's point of view. They generate income when individuals get on the Facebook website. A choice to disable or mute Messenger would certainly mean less earnings for Facebook.

Your only alternative is trying to abate the Messenger nuisance so it doesn't intrude.

The human option

Before we consider the setups offered, there's a simple, effective way to stop individuals contacting you on Facebook Messenger.

Ignore it.

After a short time, get in touches with will get the message (no pun intended) that you do not reply to Facebook Messenger and also they'll try some other way to contact you.

The technology options

Inning accordance with Facebook aid, open the different Messenger app as well as tap the Active switch to toggle on/off.

Messenger additionally appears in the Facebook applications.


We have the Android app to hand so here's the steps to silence Messenger.

Faucet on the head/menu icon at leading right then the gear symbol to disclose the Facebook chat option.

Tap on the menu to toggle Facebook chat OFF.

Facebook then shows a popular punctual to turn conversation back on-- ignore it.

As an extra preventative measure most likely to the apps major Setups menu, Notifications and also turn off any type of that you don't want.

The Alerts switch at top right is not an international toggle on/off. Rather it just gives the option to 'mute' notifications for up to a day.

To totally quit alerts, deselect all the alternatives (Wall Articles etc) as well as, "for the more better assurance" likewise switch off the Vibrate, Phone LED and also Appears alternatives.

Web Site

On the Facebook website take a look at the bottom right corner for the chat bar and also the Settings/ equipment icon.

Faucet on the equipment icon after that pick 'Turn Off Chat' after that choose whether to turn all talks off or just some.

Perhaps additionally 'Turn off Video/Voice Calls'.

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