Facebook Search Public Posts

Are you looking for a specific post on Facebook? Facebook Search Public Posts - There are a number of ways to search for Facebook Posts without having to go also far into the weeds.

Facebook Search Public Posts

# 1 Use Graph Search

If you keep in mind an expression of the post or exactly what the post was about, you could use the Graph Search function on top of the Page. Enter the phrase and then make use of the magnifying glass to get all the results.

Then you will certainly have the ability to sort with the posts from your friends or any kind of posts that are public that have this expression in it. You could likewise use this strategy to do even more basic searches to find out exactly what individuals are posting about around a specific subject!

# 2 Use Your Activity Log

If you have actually connected with the post somehow-- liked it, discussed it, or shared it someplace-- you can find it in your Activity Log.

Currently you could see your latest Activity, where the Activity happened, and also you could also Search your Activity.

# 3 Native Facebook Features & Tips

Prior to enabling an app to access your Facebook, try try out Facebook's own features. If you are scrolling down your Timeline, you ought to recognize that by default Facebook does not display every post by you or your friends.

Even if you click the specific year to the leading right, you're only going to see the Highlights|. In order to see all posts from that year, click the down arrowhead to the right of Highlights as well as click All Stories. Refer to the picture listed below.

This is a fun time to briefly mention concerning Facebook Privacy Settings. After searching old posts, you might discover some you no more want to be public or visible to friends of friends (and also I assure you will locate posts you intend to erase totally). To limit all previous posts to be only readable by friends, click the drop-down menu in the leading bar.

Then comply with: Settings > Privacy (left sidebar) > Who can see my stuff? > Limit Past Posts, and click the Limit Old Posts switch.

For even more tips and assist on discovering and also comprehending Facebook's Privacy Settings, I advise discovering Facebook's Privacy Check-up Device.

# 4 Facebook Application & Site

There are a few third-party apps that also offer search capability.

- QSearch.
- Archivedbook.

Which Approach Do You Use?

My referral would certainly be to very first aim to manage without attaching an internet site or application to your account and utilize Graph Search or searching the Activity Log-- just my individual preference.

Nonetheless, QSearch is a fantastic tool for finding things quickly, and it has some arranging alternatives also. Search My posts would benefit limiting result in only your posts (not a function that remains in QSearch), but be prepared to wait just a bit much longer for the cause load. Making use of Archivedbook is terrific, yet you'll have lots of time to go grab a treat in the kitchen while you wait for the results to lots.

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