How to Combine Two Facebook Pages Update

How To Combine Two Facebook Pages: If over time you have actually set up a variety of Facebook service pages and also you're seeking to settle them, there's a fairly very easy method to do it. Nonetheless, it's not a quick procedure. Combining Facebook pages can occupy to a week to be finished. Especially if both Facebook company pages are dissimilar in motif or sector. We have actually assembled a detailed overview of obtain you via exactly what you should do. The following actions can be completed in less than Thirty Minutes.

-Change the Account Image & Header Image
-Update the About Us section.
-Send a request to change the name of the page you wish to merge.
-Combining Facebook pages.

Note: For this article, we're assuming that the pages are dissimilar in theme or industry (which is harder). However, the actions still apply if the pages are similar. The approach listed below can be made use of for greater than 2 pages, however, you can just merge Facebook page A with Facebook page B. You can't merge several Facebook pages at the same time. Each merge request needs to be completed completely as well as submitted separately.

How To Combine Two Facebook Pages

1. Change the Profile Photo & Header Picture

The first thing to do is to guarantee that each of your Facebook organisation pages has the very same account photo as well as header picture. Ultimately, you will certainly be erasing one of them, so it is necessary to ensure that when Facebook get the merge request that the pages are similar in terms of what they are about.

Open both of your pages and also review the photos.

Download the profile image as well as header photo from page An and upload them into page B.

2. Change the About Us Section

Now that the pictures remain in area, you should alter the "About Us" section so that the details is specifically the very same on both pages. This is an instance of simply duplicating and also pasting the details from one page to the following. Make certain that you consist of all info as well as fill in all areas that are inhabited. Don't change the Name or User Name yet (red boxes). That's completed after the rest of the info is updated.

3. Change the Name of the page You Wished To merge

Since you have every one of the info and also pictures precisely the like the page you want to maintain, it's time to go through a Change Name request with Facebook. Click "Edit" beside "Name" in the About Us area. Copy the name from the page you intend to keep precisely and afterwards include a "2" after it. e.g. & 2.

Click "Continue" and after that on the complying with screen validate the request by clicking "request Change". Facebook state that this can take up to 3 days, but I've found that it's generally finished within a number of hrs.

Note: Once the Change Call request has been approved, you'll now have to wait 7 days to submit a Merge Facebook page request. If you try to send it prior to then, Facebook will deny it.

4. Send a Merge Facebook page request

This is a really uncomplicated process to comply with once the 7 days have actually elapsed from the name Change approval.

- Most likely to Settings at the top of your page.
- Click on "General".
- Scroll down to "merge Pages".
- Click on "Merge Duplicate page".
- Enter your Facebook password if prompted to do so.
- Select the two Facebook pages to merge.
- Click continue.
- Select the page that you want to maintain.
- Confirm.

When the request is sent, it will certainly be evaluated by hand by Facebook to make certain that the details on both pages match as described over which there are no discrepancies. If all the details are appropriate, it should take no longer than a couple of hours for the request to be authorized as well as the pages to be merged.

Note: You will shed all messages, remarks as well as involvement from the page you are merging. Nevertheless, you will certainly keep the content on the initial page you are keeping.

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