How to Comment On Facebook with A Picture - This Month

How To Comment On Facebook With A Picture: You most likely recognized you could publish photos to Facebook in a standing update, but did you know you can publish an image in a comment you make on someone else's post on Facebook? It hasn't already always been possible though. It wasn't up until June 2013 that the social media network started sustaining photo-commenting, and also it's developed right into the site and mobile app.

Now you could make a photo comment rather than simply typical text, or post both a text comment and also a picture to illustrate it. Whatever picture you decide to post shows up in the listing of comments underneath the post to which it refers.

How To Comment On Facebook With A Picture

This is a particularly great function to have for birthday celebrations as well as various other holiday dreams considering that images frequently claim greater than words.

Formerly, to include a photo to a comment, you needed to upload a picture someplace online then insert the code that connected to the picture. It was untidy and also not as simple as it is currently.

How you can Include a Photo in a Comment on Facebook

The details actions to do this are a little different depending upon exactly how you gain access to Facebook.

From a Computer System - Open Up Facebook in your preferred web browser on your computer system. Then:

- Click Comment on your news feed underneath the post you intend to react to.
- Get in any kind of text, if you desire, and after that click the camera symbol at the right side of the message box.
- Pick the image or video you wish to contribute to the comment.
- Submit the comment like you would certainly other.

With the Mobile App-- Using the applications for Android as well as iOS mobile devices, tap the Facebook app and after that:

- Tap comment below the post you wish to Comment on to raise the digital keyboard.
- Get in a text comment and also touch the camera icon beside the text-entry area.
- Select the image you wish to comment with then touch Done or whatever various other switch is used on your tool to leave that display.
- Tap post to comment with the picture.

Utilizing the Mobile Facebook Web Site-- Utilize this approach to send image talk about Facebook if you're not using the mobile app or the desktop web site, however instead the mobile web site:

-Faucet Comment on the post that must consist of the picture comment.
-With or without keying text in the offered text box, tap the camera icon next to the text-entry area.
-Pick either Take Image or Photo Collection to select the picture you want to put in the comment.
-Faucet post to comment with the picture.

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