How to Hide Facebook Profile

How To Hide Facebook Profile: All of us have that a person friend, who with his or her social skills takes care of to be the eye sore of our Facebook timeline. The simple way out is to merely unfriend that person and also move on but ends up it's not that easy.

According to a research study performed by the Nottingham Trent University, individuals have the tendency to stay clear of unfriending Facebook pals because they dread the consequences of that in their real lives. I directly do not unfriend such individuals. Instead, I decide to hide them as well as put their Facebook feed on mute.

How To Hide Facebook Profile

Concealing individuals from your timeline is the best option if you ask me. It will conserve you a great deal of difficulty of undergoing useless articles and you do not should unfriend them either.

There are 2 primary methods to hide an individual from your timeline:

Completely unsubscribe from their messages.
hide them temporarily. Valuable if you are taking a short break from a person's updates.
Allow's first talk about the recently introduced attribute that permits you to mute or unfollow someone on Facebook for a limited time.

Below's how you do it.


Snoozing updates places a short-term pause on the updates from your Facebook get in touch with. It can be really beneficial if you have some aggravating buddies who you recognize are mosting likely to be extra active for the next couple of days, be it a global getaway or something else.

The Snooze feature allows you hide somebody's post for 1 Month. If you desire it for a much shorter period then it can be started utilizing the Snooze button, yet, you will need to end it manually.

Action 1: The very first step here is to visit your Facebook timeline and find any message from a person you wish to hide from your timeline. On that particular message discover the descending arrowhead button located in the direction of the right. Tap on that to continue.

Action 2: From the following pop-up, pick the Snooze choice. By selecting that you are selecting not to obtain any type of update from that person for the next One Month.

Action 3: When snoozed, the only way of seeing any type of feed from that individual is by seeing their timeline. To once again begin obtaining updates from them, visit their Facebook account. On their profile you will see the Snoozed symbol. Faucet on that particular button to proceed.

Step 4: A pop-up will show at the bottom of the screen. Below you can see the days remaining for any kind of active snooze on that individual's account. To disable it, select completion Snooze alternative and also feeds from that person will once more begin appearing on your timeline.

Okay, that essentially takes care of the people who are not spammy naturally but tend to publish a great deal of updates periodically. However, there are some individuals who just can't do anything without posting an update on Facebook. For such people we have an also much better solution.


While this technique is not new, it is rather uncomplicated and exceptionally reliable against irritating individuals. Once allowed, you will never obtain an upgrade from that person again on your Facebook timeline and even an alert on what is taking place at their end.

So take care as i directly really feel that this technique is just helpful against individuals whose messages are incredibly bothersome.

Right here's exactly how you do it.

Action 1: The first thing to do is to find the person whose feed or posts you wish to hide from your Facebook timeline. See your pals list on Facebook and discover the individual. As soon as you've identified him or her, pick the three-dot menu button right beside their profile.

Step 2: A pop-up must come on your display. From there, choose the Unfollow option. That's all you should do to hide someone from your Facebook.

Step 3: There are times when you really feel the should once again begin obtaining updates from a person you had blocked previously. To re-enable their feed, see their account web page. There you will certainly see the Adhere to button. Tap on that to proceed.

Tip 4: One more pop-up will certainly show up on the display. There, the Default choice will be highlighted. Proceed to tap on it if you are all right with the option. If you want to obtain their updates prior to everyone else, choose the See First option.

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